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Salem Offshore Wind Terminal

The Project

The proposed development will result in a terminal providing new heavy-lift deployment and logistics services for offshore wind operations on remediated, 42 acre waterfront property on the site of a former coal and oil-fired power plant in Salem Harbor. Under the anticipated project, the site will contain the following elements:

Two laydown yards will provide space for pieces of the wind turbines called “nacelles” and “towers.”

The transition yard will connect between the two laydown yards and provide additional storage.

This area is planned for pre-assembly, staging and loadout activities adjacent to the bulkhead and wharf.

area improvements will provide adequate landside and waterside structures for loading and unloading of vessels.

Several berth areas are anticipated to accommodate berthing and moorage of wind turbine installment vessels (WTIVs) for loadout operations as well as heavy transportation vessels (HTVs) for inbound deliveries.

Equipment such as transport vehicles and high-capacity cranes will be on site to assist in moving the wind blades and nacelles.

230718_Salem OSW_Render 2

The Site

The proposed site is 42 acres of waterfront property in a Designated Port Area of Salem Harbor. The site history dates to the 1790s, and several development and land reclamation projects have resulted in the current site configuration. Most recently, the property was the site of a 750-megawatt (MW) coal and oil-fired power plant which encompassed the original 65-acre parcel.

The coal plant was demolished beginning in 2014 and a site environmental remediation effort was undertaken. The original 65-acre site has since been divided into two lots. Footprint Power has developed a new natural gas fired power plant on the 23-acre site identified as Lot 1. The remaining 42 acres of the original site, designated Lot 2, will be developed into the Salem Offshore Wind Terminal.

Phasing and Timeline

The Salem Offshore Wind Terminal will be developed over the course of two to three years. We anticipate the following timeline:

  • Spring/Summer 2022           |  Project Kick-off for Engineering and Permitting
  • Summer/Fall 2023                  |   Engineering and Permitting Complete
  • Fall 2023                                      |   Construction Starts
  • Winter 2025 / 2026                |   Construction Competed & Terminal Opens 
  • Spring/Summer 2022: Project Kick-off for Engineering and Permitting
  • Summer/ Fall 2023: Engineering and Permitting Complete
  • Fall 2023: Construction Starts
  • Winter 2025 / 2026: Construction Competed & Terminal Opens

Note: There may be construction activities during engineering and permitting.

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